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The first corner is affinity. One could call it, sloppily, love, but that is hardly descriptive enough. Affinity is the sympathetic coexistence of two things or two parts of the same energy.

When we take a tuning fork in the physical universe and strike it and it starts vibrating at its particular frequency, another tuning fork with the same frequency will begin to vibrate too, though it has not been touched. If you damp the first one out, you find the other tuning fork is ringing. They are in the same level, so therefore you could say they have a sympathetic vibration.

Two men talking with each other either are in affinity with each other or they aren’t. If they are not, they will argue. If they are in affinity with each other, two other things have to be there: They have to have agreed upon a reality and they have to be able to communicate that reality to each other.

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